In the Western world we have lived in a time where there are so many single mothers and fathers trying to survive in a world that keeps gets challenging on all levels. Many years ago we noticed how young adults were moving back into their parents’ home. Of course their parents were still stressed with their own financial and medical needs.

But in life people have always found ways to survive. And now the trend is young adults, millennials, and other age groups are not only moving in with their parents. Their parents are moving in with them once again forming a supportive unit that can help with raising a family and caring for health needs as one familial community.

Join Renee and Sandra as they speak about this new trend and how it mirrors old time community living where it takes a community to survive together. It is no longer a time to do everything on our own. Sandra and Renee tie this back to changing seasons of life as we celebrate the equinox!

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