There is so much going on planetary right now. And we all want to help. People reach out to teachers asking for global ceremonies to be organized and performed. This of course has its place, and can be a powerful way to transmit helpful prayers to those caught in trauma or for those who died. There are so many ceremonies that can be done. And so many places on the Earth having extreme devastating events.

Our hearts feel called to help. And it is important to put your focus on really what you feel called to do.

Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman join together to give some guidance on making sure you don’t get stressed out, inspiring you to work in your local communities, and ways you can help spiritually. This is an important and powerful show by two elders who have been watching catastrophes on our planet for many years and helping people find appropriate and balanced ways to help. Please like and subscribe this podcast. Follow us on

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