Through time there has been a part of the population who are highly sensitive. These people tended to be the shamans, mystics, healers, visionaries for the community. In today’s world people are becoming more psychically sensitive as well as being more sensitive to environmental changes. Just like our precious nature beings are struggling to learn to live in the world we created humans are being exposed to more toxins.

So many of us are empathic beings and are picking on so much trauma in the world. Being an empath has always been a special gift. But with the lack of acknowledgement of the gifts many of us were born with we are just struggling to find ways to take care of ourselves while also wanting to be in service.

Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman decided to speak about this important issue that is impacting so much of our population. And Sandra will lead a journey on our need for self care and acknowledging how we can feel guilty when life brings us within, and we have to cut ourselves off from the struggles of the outer world

Join us as we talk about an issue that is now being written about in magazines and blogs.

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