Life challenges us to watch as we perceive so many people and nature beings suffering and going through intense challenging experiences. People have lost their homes, their health, their rights for freedom, and the list goes on. We watch beings in nature suffer through challenges that humans have created by not being caretakers of the Earth.

A typical response to this is to pity those who we perceive as suffering. And when we find out someone we know is challenged by an illness we want to rush in and save them. This behavior is not appropriate or healthy for anyone. For people going through hard times need to be fed with love, light, and seeing them in their spiritual strength. Pity only robs them of their power.

And frankly no one wants to be pitied.

Join Sandra Ingerman and Renee Baribeau as they talk about this powerful topic. For we need to change our response to all that is happening to our Earth community.

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