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I have tears running down my face as I feel you bringing back the sense of mystery that is such an essential part of creation and which seems to be what our western culture as a whole has been so resistant to for a very, very long time. You are phenomenal and awe inspiring models of co-creation as well – with each other and with Source. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ❤ Lis

Loving the show and the wonderful offerings 
Look forward to joining every week 🤗🤗 hugely appreciated the hints and tips – always spot on target 💫🦋
Love and Deepest gratitude for all 💖🥰🌈✨🤗🙏🙏🙏✨🌈🥰💖

I love the Shaman’s cave and look forward so much to each new session.  I am uplifted, inspired, encouraged and my sense of humour has returned to me.  I sit and listen, often with a great big smile on my face.  I am filled with so much unconditional love that it overflows out into the world.  I go forward into the week with intention, love, unity, harmony, concentration, imagination and focus, knowing that it will all be “topped up” again with next week’s session.  Much, much Love and Light to you both, please keep up the good work.

The two of you are changing my life for the better, one Sunday at a time. Liz

I love the way Sandra and Renee connect with each other and bring joy to our days


Thank you very much to the two of you. I’m already a fan of the channel. There’s so much wisdom. So much that transpires on every word. I’m really grateful for what you are doing. I’m writing from Andalucia in Spain and it’s a blessing to have access to your words, even if it’s on the virtual world. Thank you for your timing. Great moments for sharing and growing. 


Thank you so much for beautiful words filled with fabulous lessons. We are so hard on ourselves all the time, thank you for sharing your stories and sharing your experiences and your lessons

Wow! This show spoke right to me !!!!! I have a problem with allowingi myself to become a victim & blaming others. You have showed me how to not do this with the five steps & stepping out of the repeating loop. I cannot wait for the next show!!!


a brilliant episode!!! thank you kindly Sandy and Renee. a topic that is juicy and so alive! I will continue working with his wonderful episode. love you both and our beautiful inner cave!!!


Another deep, helpful and inspiring show! Thank you both so much for all you share, especially your personal stories. They help me to remember that we all go through some really rough patches on our journey.


I would like to thank both of you for the community you have offered me during a new beginning in my life. I too have felt completely alone in my journey and it is so comforting to know there are others out there who can support and teach me on my journey of walking in beauty and becoming who I really am!


This community is such a comfort to me, and I have searched and searched.


You two are a hoot, I love your realness! Sometimes you make me laugh out loud.


Receive the Ancestor Meditation by Sandra Ingerman

Receive the Ancestor Meditation by Sandra Ingerman

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