Adding An Anchor: Shamans Cave

Renee is our amazing guide in how to manage yourself in different phases of the wind. Today Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman talk about the need to add anchors to help us stay steady in the changing winds. There is a wealth of guidance we can tap into as we forge...

Living a Simple Life: Shamans Cave

Sandra and Renee decided to broach the topic of how we prioritize what our ego wants versus our responsibility to the planet. When you listen to elders sharing their advice about this time we are all being asked to simplify our life so our footstep on the Earth can be...

Power with versus Power Over: Shamans Cave

In shamanism the word power means to work with others to create positive change. In the turbulent times we are living in some people, horrified by the level of suffering, step out of working with true shamanic principles to restore harmony. In this engaging show Renee...
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