During this show Renee and Sandra have a very lively and educational discussion about the pros of learning directly from your own spirits. This process is called direct revelation and is a universal practice used by shamanic cultures. Training modern day shamanic practitioners through direct revelation has helped people bring shamanism into schools, hospitals, businesses, politics, counseling and the list goes on. There is a lot to learn about teaching such an ancient practice to a psychologically sophisticated culture as we live in.

But on the other side what are we missing from not learning from the indigenous people who have been carrying on traditions for hundreds for hundreds of years. They know how to work with sacred practices and Nature in ways we never learned.

Join Sandra Ingermann and Renee Baribeau for this very special and deep discussion into this topic especially for those stepping on to the path of shamanism for the first time. Follow us, click like and subscribe. Go to ShamansTV.com to view our archive.

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