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As children we were so sensitive to facial expressions, hand gestures, and the tones of words spoken by the authority figures who took care of us. When we were pre-verbal we picked up so many cues around us that told us what we needed to do to be loved and cared for. Typically, these behaviors came from false information that had nothing to do with you. But you felt judged. And by feeling judged you might have started creating patterns that made you feel safe but were addictive and unhealthy behaviors.

Now we are adults needing to put all our energy into embracing and moving forward with our destiny and life. Our looping patterns are no longer needed for our survival. They actually squash the creativity we came here to share. We all have an energetic signature we add to the power of the web of life.

Join Sandra Ingerman and Renee Baribeau, a.k.a. The Practical Shaman as they speak about ways of breaking habitual patterns. Learn about ways to identify your old, outlived patterns that don’t serve you anymore.

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