Sandra Ingerman was recently brought into a controversy that occurred over Facebook where people starting judging which shamanic practice is more powerful. That actually is not even a fair discussion. For all cultures that practice shamanism have the same power as they work with the spirit of the land and helping spirits. Shamanic cultures all over the world have all been given different ways of working to address the issues of where they are living.

Obviously a shamanic culture that lives by the ocean is going to have different practices than a culture in the desert. And everyone found their own way to work so that the community could have food, shelter, and the healing they needed.

How can one judge which culture is more powerful? But that is what is happening right now. Isn’t the better question how can we all support each other in the ethical work we are doing in behalf of life?

Join Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman as they discuss this important topic.

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