Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman really appreciate when listeners write in a topic to talk about to help people go deeper with their shamanic practices.

Shamans do work with a variety of helping spirits. And due to the fact that people in shamanic cultures relied on the help of the helping spiritis there were many they worked with. They worked with the spirit of the land, ancestors, plants, animals, the sun, the moon, the stars, and their closest helping spirits. This was part of life.

Giving gratitude to the beings that support your life and survival and having a team of spirits to work with is a gift for so many of us. But some of us can feel overwhelmed by the variety of spirits that show up and feeling a need to perform ceremonies to give thanks.

We always have the option to set bounties with the helping spirits and in this show Renee and Sandra talk about how to set boundaries, and Sandra leads a journey to learn about the role of the helping spirits in your life as well as how to give gratitude.

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