In this powerful show Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman talk about how part of being a human is dealing with the judgement of others. Sandra shares how she had a long epic dream one night showing her how people judging her throughout her life created so much tension from holding in the rage of not feeling accepted for who she was versus others’ expectations.

In our culture we are often judged so harshly by others and society if we are different or following our passion. We all have different reactions to this. Sandra’s reaction was holding rage inside that she was so unaware of as she thought she was just going on living the life she wanted to lead.

Does feeling judged impact you? Do you feel that you would like to release the feelings inside that are created from others’ judgements? If so you will really find this show so useful as Renee leads a powerful wind whistling experience to unwind the feelings produced by other peoples’ judgements and projections.

We think this show will speak to so many of you!

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