To be able to continue walking forward through what life has to bring us and teach us we need to have our spiritual fire burning so that we have the strength to overcome the obstacles that life naturally brings. Everything that is alive needs the spiritual strength to walk through the fires of life. And that inner strength comes from your own fire burning carrying you through the dangerous flames that are part of our life’s journey.

Our inner fire controls the power of our inner strength. If our inner fire is burning too strong we can get overcooked and feel burned out, restless, and anxious. Too little fire and we fall into inertia and allow ourselves to be conditioned and controlled by society norms placed upon us.

Sandra leads us on a powerful journey to travel deep within our inner landscape to reharmonize our inner fire.

Join Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman as we explore the topic of the importance of how our inner fire needs to be strong enough to walk us through challenges but not too strong so that we burn out.

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