Throughout our many lifetimes cycles are always changing. The seasons and stars change. Shamanic cultures marked time by watching the changing cycles. The new changing cycles meant important work was meant to be done. Ceremonies were performed to ask for balance and healing and the spirits in the divine realms listened to all the prayers and answered how they could. Chants and altars changed to mark a change.

Today cycles change all the time. If you have a family it is easy to mark change. But if you are more of a loner in life you must find other ways according to Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman.

The conversation flowed into how much change has occurred recently and many people are shy and anxious about getting back out into the world. Sandra speaks about the power of sacred space in our homes and outside. If we change our altars our psyche understands that there has been a death/rebirth and we get the strength to take the next steps.

Sandra then leads a journey to support as we experience ourselves walking around our house to observe how we can shift our indoor and outdoor altars as a way to to mark change. Join us for this powerful show!

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Complete List of The Shamans Cave Shows (from season 1) with Description

Complete List of The Shamans Cave Shows (from season 1) with Description

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