Seasons flow one into another. They teach us about how life is ever-changing and flowing as death and birth are cycles that rule nature. As we are nature the cycles of death and birth rule us too. There are such deep lessons that we can learn about navigating chaos if we tune into the flow of the seasons and the phases of death of rebirth. For here are Earth there is always death and a new rebirth. We let go and we are renewed.

Renee Baribeau talks about the change in season while she pulls a wind card to guide us. And then Renee leads a brilliant exercise helping us to reflect on our lives from the solstice in September to now as we greet the solstice in June. Sandra Ingerman leads us on a ceremony to help us honor the Earth and reflect on regaining our own sense of pace in life so that we can stay in balance, and we have the tools to navigate the upcoming changes.

Join Renee for the Solstice Wind Knot Deepening Retreat:

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