Just like the Wind, this year is one that has shaken, shifted and moved us all in many directions. This is why Wind Work is so integral to our lives: it keeps us connected and can guide us into the healing revolution that the world needs right now.

The Wind is calling us to ignite our greatest potential and reimagine everything. That’s why my new series of virtual retreats, HYBRID JOURNEY, are so timely.  For the past few years, I have worked with Wind Workers all over the world through life-altering virtual experiences. Healing and change happens across the miles on the wind, and oftentimes even faster as there are no distractions.  

Join me on June 20 for our first HYBRID JOURNEY retreat: The Ancient Art of Tying Wind Knots: Preparing to Move Forward. 


During this virtual retreat, we will explore how to stay connected in meaningful ways. We will integrate ourselves in nature to tap into an infinite well of knowledge and peace. Using the direction of the wind, we will practice harnessing our power to navigate any challenge that may arise. We will also learn the ancient art of tying Wind Knots. These potent charms date all the way back to the 13th century and can be used to call upon the wind for guidance and forward movement. 

This seven hour workshop is the critical answer to many of the questions stirring inside of you. Right outside your door in nature,  you can discover whatever you seek, if you are still enough. And despite any turbulence in your life, you can set your dreams and aspirations to Nature’s rhythmic cycle and move forward with clarity. This is the power of Wind Work.

This powerful, 7-hour retreat includes:

  • Online Teaching via zoom, Personal Reflection, Small Group Sharing, Time in Nature
  • Creating Wind Knots. These potent charms were used to call upon the wind for guidance and forward momentum in becalm seas. 
  • Tools and techniques to make your own strand of magical charms.
  • Four in depth Wind Work • Processes to clear your way forward.
  • Small Group Breakout Sessions over Zoom.
  • Time in Nature, exploring the power of the Winds.
  • Channeling the powerful Summer Solstice Energy as we move Forward across this time/space threshold.

There will be 3 assistants, each well-versed in transformation guidance, to help personalize your small group integration processes. Learn more about them HERE.

 We are in for a magic carpet ride. 

Let’s begin our journey together HERE.

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