In this engaging show Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman with the topic of scarcity. Renee will call in the wind that has a teaching for us about this important topic. For when we believe there is not enough for all we become jealous and envious of those we feel have a better life or more than we do. This is an unhealthy projection we place on others as we don’t know the lesson plan each of us is going through.

There are no people to be to be jealous of for we are all dealing with our own challenges. And to add to this destructive behavior in the practice of shamanism it is understood that whenever we are jealous of another we steal a part of their soul. Imagine! Renee and Sandra talk about the energy of jealousy and envy and how they don’t serve our physical and mental heath and how these energies impact others.

Join us and learn how to be more conscious of your energetic behavior and how to return the soul parts of people you did not mean to harm. This work is a great clearing and preparation work to begin The New Year.

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