What is a portal, what good work can be done using them, and why do teachers advise their students to stay away from them?
How can destiny retrieval change outcomes in my life
How much a shaman,as well trained,can do the best for its community without help of a “wise elder”.
How do we balance negative and positive energy
I am curious about direct revelation in terms of group or cultural consciousness. Is like spokes on a central wheel leading to the same center? Where do you see shamanic practice heading for future generations? I have the sense that I could journey on this but would like to hear you both voice the idea into the world. I also wonder about wind and water working together, or wind and fire. The elements as a unit. I love the show it is a wonderful space you create. With gratitude.

How are shamanic practices evolving with the new energy coming in? How do we maintain openness and flexibility to these new currents and at the same time continue to respect our old traditions and lineages?
Practices for coming back into balance with self when out of integrity.
How can we as modern shamanic practitioners not in a native culture honor the ancient shamans of our ancestral past?
Thank you
What can I do to improve my journeys
I know that I have angels with me and believe that I have spirit guides. I have journeyed many times to find my spirit animal/guides and don’t feel like I know who/what they are? I don’t know what I’m doing wrong? Or, what I can do to improve my journeys.
These days I’m thinking of our susceptibility and vulnerability as humans to allow others more skilled to manipulate our thoughts. How can we become more aware of the source of our guidance and thoughts? Stay still and calm without the need to unwind out of control. Also, perhaps we ourselves are implanting thoughts to others? This somewhat relates to telepathy which is some I’d like to strengthen. Thank you.

One question is how you live daily shamanic life in connection with and healing of our relationship with the natural world. Also for an artist how shamanic life supports creative life. Receive weekly, subscribe to weekly mailing shamanstv.com

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