Renee and Sandra will begin by sharing about altars. Creating indoor, outdoor, and traveling altars are a very powerful way to create sacred space at your home and for your travels.
Renee and Sandra love creating altars. Sandra’s house is really one altar and Renee’s house is her sanctuary. By creating such a landscape of sacred space reminds us of the importance of living our spiritual work instead of separating our shamanic work from our daily lives.
Your altar will become a true place of comfort for you to perform your spiritual practices and to sit and pray. And you can add to the power of your altar by changing it after your go through a major life change.
Altars also open us up to the sacredness of life and how in shamanism everything is seen as alive. When we walk outside we begin to see the universe providing omens to light our path. We may be walking with a concern or a question and all of a sudden a dragonfly lands on you, or you see a rainbow in the sky, or an animal that has meaning to you appears. Sometimes you will find a beautiful heart stone as you walk to acknowledge you and share its support.
Working with omens is a wonderful way to step into a dimension of life that feels magical and filled with meaning and joy.
Renee and Sandra will speak about the practice of working with omens on the second part of our series. Receive The Shamans Cave weekly in your in-box, sign up below

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