I am so excited about a new course I am teaching sponsored by The Shift Network. The course begins on:
March 5. It is a seven week course that will be taught weekly on Tuesday evenings.
I invite you to also join me for the seven week course. Here is what we will cover:
• In this course I will focus on journeying in the Middle World to build up strong long term reciprocal relationships with nature beings – the beings that live on the earth, in the water, and live in the air.

• We will journey to become allies with the stars, moon, sun, and galaxies. This includes journeying to crystals and learning some healing methods. The theme of this course is to build relationships filled with kindness where nature beings don’t just become allies for us, but we also become allies for them. The path of shamanism is all about deepening relationships and nourishing and protecting life. When we learn the language of Nature we learn how to survive. We learn how to engage deeply in life and also how to become more conscious beings. Imagine a world where both people and all the beings in nature consult with each other on how to live in harmony together and learn deep wisdom to share with each other. To add to this, imagine learning from both ancestor’s and descendant’s ceremonies for healing both ourselves and the planet. This establishes a beautiful and powerful connection with all of life that brings us into the role of being a co- creator.
• Connect with whales that can send echoing sound messages to fellow pods miles away, informing them of a change in migratory patterns. Or the iguanas of the Galapagos Islands that can adapt their biology to the fluctuating environment. And by discovering how to build a lasting relationship with our Middle World allies, we not only open to their wisdom, but to our own telepathic ways of connecting with these lifeforms –– from our favorite tree in our own backyard, to the birds that grace our parks, to the mountains and stars. We also start to sense their compassion for us and the tumultuous evolutionary stage we’re in.
• We will learn how to become a vessel for bringing through new teaching stories that emerge from our connection with other species and life forms. This helps us to rise up out of our limited perceptions and raise our consciousness.
I will also include how to bring children into the work.
To get information for the seven week course, click here.

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