Become a Modern Shaman!

Shamanic Tools, Ceremonies & Journeys; SANDRA INGERMAN & RENEE BARIBEAU on Inspire Nation with Michael Sandler.

If you’ve ever wanted the power of ancient wisdom and modern mystical to help change your life, then do we have the Shaman’s Cave show for you! Today I’ll be talking with the creators of the new podcast The Shaman’s Cave, repeat guest Sandra Ingerman author of an all-time favorite book of mine (that I literally keep on my shrine) The Book of Ceremony and Renee Baribeau author of another all-time favorite that helped guide us to Colorado, Winds of Spirit, on the power of shamanism in the modern world, and how to take a shamanic journey!
That plus we’ll talk about hummingbirds and hawks, datsun convertibles, White Buffalo Calf Woman, the gift of the prayer pipe, 4 cycles buffalos and bulls, the wind spirit Thate, Blessings, helpful spirits, and Carl Jung and what in the world talking with crows has to do with anything!

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