Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman have found that they enjoy speaking to each other and sharing inspiration and healing stories to keep us focused on our spiritual practice during this turbulent time on the planet.

We want to create a way for people to feel connected to a larger community and be guided in practices, ceremonies, and stories that can inform our lives so that we can contribute to our growth, the health of our local communities, loved ones, and to the planet.

This is a time to share strong ceremonial work and shamanic practices in our local communities. Shamanism is a practice that was tribal. All community members needed to be strong and filled with power so that the entire community benefited. Each person had an important role in sharing their individual gifts and talents so the entire community remains in harmony and in health.

At the same time there is something special about coming together as a global community with an intention and focus so that we can together join in oneness, unity, and love to help transform the destructive energies on the planet.

This is a serious show on shamanism. It is not entertainment also we will bring some humor in as all shamans laugh a lot.

We invite you to watch The Shamans Cave and join in with a dedicated circle of shamanic practitioners who desire to contribute their unique gifts in behalf of all of life!

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Blessings! Sandra and Renee

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