Renee and Sandra will begin by sharing about altars. Creating indoor, outdoor, and traveling altars are a very powerful way to create sacred space at your home and for your travels. Renee and Sandra love creating altars. Sandra’s house is...

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The Shamans Cave: Sacred Tools

Shamanic practitioners collect a wealth of sacred of tools to use in their journeys, ceremonial work, and healing work. Do we know the source of the materials used? Were the materials hunted, gathered, and mined in ethical ways? We can...

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Spring Wind Mastery

Align to Your Awakening Compass Your path needs a real awakening, not from a mountaintop in Tibet or a cave in India, but right here, in your messy life, with your piles of laundry, unpaid bills, imperfect partner and demanding kids. The true challenge to any...

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Transmuting Anger

Renee and Sandra are grateful to all of you who have sent in topics that you wish for us to cover on our show The Shamans Cave. Part one of a two-part show. One of our subscribers has brought up a wonderful topic for us to discuss – anger....

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The Shamans Cave: Trust

Renee and Sandra have been sharing a wealth of information on how to create a new world of substance. But where does our belief in god, the goddess, the creative forces come in as ways to support our work? How are your projections...

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The Elements of Creation

Renee and Sandra will share with you the important elements that they have both found go into any process of creation. They both have their own formulas! This show follows the work where we shared how shamans use creation stories for a road map in performing their ceremonies of creation and how to use the vibration of sound for building a new world of substance.

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The Fabric of Creation: Part Two

During The Shamans Cave show on February 24 we began looking at how we need to rise up into a new frequency of working more deeply with spirit and stepping away from our ego and personality which might be tapping into the vibration of fear that is so present in the...

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Creation Story: Part 1

During our time together Renee and Sandra talk about how we can get caught up in the frequency of fear and division instead of stepping into our spirit selves instead of rising up out of our humanness to start working with higher frequencies.

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Shamanic Journeying with the Spirits of Nature: Building Strong Reciprocal, Healing Relationships with Animals, Trees, and Other Allies of the Middle World

During Shamanic Journeying With the Spirits of Nature: Discover Profound Healing & Wisdom in Animals, Trees & Other Allies of the ‘Middle World,’ Sandra Ingerman will show you how establishing reciprocal relationships with nature allies can reveal the next actions you can take to support your healing and the health of precious Mother Earth. Read More

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The Shamans Cave Episode One: Worthiness

The topic of the show for The Shamans Cave is worthiness.
We all want to do more to contribute to our communities and to health of the planet but we must feel worthy to be a strong and engaged builder of a new fabric of reality.

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Preview: Meet Sandra & Renee

Join us for a live online party to bless The Shamans Cave – a new show with Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman On Sunday January 6 at 11 AM MST Renee and  Sandra will introduce ourselves to you and talk about the future of our new...

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