Sandra’s New Years Eve Message

Tend the Fire with Us this Winter Solstice and warm your hearts with Sandra's New Years Message and Shamanic Journey.  Find your power support for 2019. This is your opportunity to embrace 18 renowned Wisdom Keepers in an up-close and...

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Shamanism: Summon the Spirit of the Wind

CJ Liu interviews Shaman Reness Baribeau about her book "Winds of Spirit - Ancient Wisdom Tools for Navigating Relationships, Health, and the Divine. Renee will share how we can summon the wisdom of the winds whenever you need guidance.How...

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Inspire Nation: Sandra Ingerman with Michael Sandler

How to Create a Sacred Ceremony & Sacred Place for Prayer, Healing & Manifestation an interview with Michael Sandler, Inspire Nation. If you’ve ever wanted the assistance of the spiritual world, then do we have The Book of Ceremony show for you. Michael...

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